Presentations on commercial technologies

 IPC 2023 will offer the possibility of assist to presentations of commercial technologies related to the Pascal language for developing software projects. Some of the presentations will be the following:

Title:  Surprising Delphi's Object Pascal Code

Summary:  This session will provide ideas on how today's coding style can be very different from that used years ago and will present some surprising code snippets and examples. Alongside the session will cover memory management, managed records, inline variable declarations, and many more ideas.

Speaker: Marcu Cantù

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: Marco Cantù holds a master’s degree in information technology from the Polytechnic of Milan, and he is the author of dozens of best-selling books on Delphi and its Object Pascal language. Marco was an independent consultant and developer for 20 years, focused primarily on Pascal and Delphi but also on C++ and JavaScript. Marco was a professional trainer and frequent conference speaker, and he is the author of countless articles on Delphi. Currently, he is the Delphi Product Manager at Embarcadero Technologies, a business unit of Idera, Inc.

Title: Reach every platform using Object Pascal for web technology.

Summary: In this session, Bruno Fierens, CTO of will show you how you can create Object Pascal based web client applications that run on every device with a modern browser. With this technology it is also possible to create offline apps for a mobile device as well as deploy these web technology based projects as native applications running on all major operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux and also Raspberry Pi. On Raspberry Pi, one can even access the electronics attached to it via i²c, SPI, GPIO, UART in an Object Pascal based application.
These applications can be generated from the Delphi IDE, the Lazarus IDE as well as Visual Studio Code running on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Speaker: Bruno Fierens .

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: Bruno Fierens studied civil electronic engineering at University of Ghent, Belgium. He started his career as an R&D digital hardware engineer at Barco Graphics Belgium designing with FPGA, VHDL, graphic processors, PCI, Silicon Graphics add-on boards, high-end printer controllers and more. In 1987, he began writing software in Turbo Pascal 3.0, and since then he has used all Borland Pascal and Delphi versions. In 1996, he founded TMS Software, developing VCL components starting with Delphi 1. The company has become internationally known for its components for different environments to develop software. He has been an Embarcadero MVP since 2012, and he is also a regular speaker at international software conferences, such as Be-Delphi, DelphiTage, ITDevCon, CodeWay Tour, EKON, DevTracks, SDN and more.

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