Sponsorship & Donations

Support from the Pascal community is important for the International Pascal Congress 2023 because we set a low price to facilitate the attendance of as many community members as possible. In addition, some people have let us know that despite their desire to attend, they will be unable to. At their request, we have decided to make the plenary talks available online. The event requires financial support for creating these digital materials, which is an unexpected expense, as well as for bringing together the plenary speakers and developing the Niklaus Wirth Award.

There are two ways to support the International Pascal Congress: by donating or becoming a sponsor.


If you make a donation, we will use your financial support to

- create the Niklaus Wirth Award for Most Valuable Contributor
- pay for keynote speakers’ travel
- record the plenary talks (not programming courses) and create digital materials that will be available to the entire Pascal community on YouTube.

Your donation will empower the Pascal community.

You can make a donation via wire transfer to the University of Salamanca’s bank account:

IBAN: ES1300491843442110186234


It is necessary to include the following subject: Activity 23/5649/01

After you make the donation, it is crucial that you send us an email so that we can let the University of Salamanca know that your transfer is a donation for the IPC 2023. Please email us at the following address and include the date and amount of the transfer:


The videos will have an acknowledgements section with donors and sponsors. If you wish to appear with a nickname in the acknowledgements, please let us know it.

If you would like a certificate of your donation, please indicate in your email that you want one, tell us whether you want it in paper or digital format, and add the following information:

- Name and surname or name of the company
- Address
- E-mail
- NIF, CIF or Passport


If you become a sponsor, you will

  • empower the Pascal community

  • be a beacon of the new Pascal era

  • increase your brand recognition

  • be seen as a thought leader

  • boost customer growth

  • distinguish yourself from competitors

We have created three different categories for sponsorship, and each one has its own advantages.

If you would like to be a sponsor, please contact us via email:


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